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14 Feb 2015

Wanting Good, But Missing The Mark…

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In today’s short video, we discuss not only the obligation of clinging to the Sunnah, but also the importance learning what the Sunnah entails. Many people these days run around talking about the issue of following the Sunnah, but not reminding us that we have an obligation to learn what it is first and what it commands us with and forbids us from. It is not enough to hope to be upon guidance to run around talking about sticking to the Sunnah and our love for it. Rather we need to learn about what it commands us with so that we can implement it correctly. 

We hope this short reminder will be a benefit to all of you, your family and friends. As usual, we just ask that you leave your thoughts below and let us know your thoughts on the topic. Barak Allahu feekum.

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