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27 Jun 2017

Issues In Shawaal (Part 1)

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Ma sha Allah. It is time to begin thinking about the new Islamic Month of Shawaal. I know that many of you heard about it before. This is probably due to the enormous amount of benefit that we are all capable of obtaining during it. Tied in with the fast of Ramadan, the fasting done in this month really puts things over the top.

The issue at hand that many of us need to pay attention to is the issue of what is done about those days of Ramadan which still need to be made up, for one reason or another. There are many people that may not have fasted, or been able to fast the whole of Ramadan. What do they do?

The Scholar’s held discussions for many years now about this topic. When we read in many of the books on this subject we see that they differ as to do the days of Ramadan have to be made up , before fasting the six days, to get the reward promised or can they be done in any order. Depending on which scholars that you ask, you will get different rulings. You will find that, for the most part that they are all based off of proofs and evidences, as with most point of differing with our Scholars. The issue comes in when we talk about their understanding of these proofs and evidences and their application of them.

Now after understanding that these opinions that you may be hearing are mostly valid opinions, I want to point you to an opinion that is pretty clear to me, in terms of the proofs and reasoning. I will put the link to the question and answer below. Please do not forget to let us know what you think about what is mentioned by the Sheikh. Barak Allahu Feekum.

To Take A Look At The Aforementioned Question and Answer


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