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Essential Hadeeth Which You Can Implement Today - Memorization and Explanation Course
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We welcome all of you to our four level Hadeeth Course. Many of you have come across this due to the fact that someone you know has already begun this course with us and has recommended that you register as well. In this course we will be studying one hadeeth every week for the period of one year. Therefore, each week you will receive one short authentic hadeeth (in Arabic and English) which is easily memorized, and a small explanation of the hadeeth and its benefits in our daily lives. This method has been proven beneficial by enabling our students to not only memorize and understand the hadeeth, but also the ability to apply it in their lives and recall to what it consists of in terms of meaning and application.

What you will gain;

This course was designed to provide the following benefits to the student:

  • Learn 52 (after four levels) actionable hadeeth so you can apply them in your life immediately
  • Receive an explanation of each hadeeth (by email) along with practical examples of how to apply them in your life immediately.
  • Learn some important Arabic vocabulary so you can gain a deeper understanding of the Hadeeth
  • Receive memorization helpers and downloadable flash cards so that you can memorize the hadeeth quickly
  • Course support from an AVA instructor if you have any questions
  • Receive both a Certificate of Participation (if you finish less than four levels) and a Certificate of Completion (if you complete all four levels)

About the Certificate;

The course is divided into four levels (each level having a three month duration), whereupon on finishing of each of the four levels, you will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’. This certificate can then be submitted as proof that you took part in that particular section of the course to any individual or organization, needing proof of your participation in our program.

Once all four of the sections are completed, you will receive the ‘Certificate of Completion’ from the Academy itself. This certificate is not like the other certificate, in that it shows proof that you have completed all four levels of the year long course. The significance of this certificate is going to have more weight given to it than the individual level certificates as with the other programs.

How you take this course;

The Registration process for this course is the same as our other courses. Once the payment is received, and registration is completed, you will begin receiving your emails on a weekly basis for the respective level. The price per level is $25 (USD). Thus you will only be paying for the current level, and your next payment will not be due until the next level begins. No one will be permitted to register to take part in a higher level until the previous one has been completed and you have receipt of your certificate for that level at which point the next payment, will be made and the first hadeeth for that level will be sent.

As you have previously heard, this program is extremely beneficial, and we are excited to welcome you to our program. May Allah aide all of you in helping to preserve the authentic Sunnah in both memorization as well as in action. Allahuma Ameen.

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Essential Hadeeth Which You Can Implement Today - Memorization and Explanation Course
Join Now for ONLY $15
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