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23 Jul 2017

Good Companionship (Part 9)

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I hope that all of this talk about choosing companions has not distracted all of you from the fact that this being truthful is something that applies to you as well. We mentioned in one of the earlier posts that this “Being with the Truthful” is also understood as being like the truthful in a figurative way of speaking. Thus all of this applies to you also.

We are commanded to be like those that were truthful in speech, action and belief that came before us, as well as those of our time. Our aim should be to be like these people in upholding this wonderful characteristic. Just like we should not be pleased with going against this command for anyone else, it is even more befitting that we should not be content with it when the one being talked about is us.

Therefore, we all need to take a look at ourselves and make sure that the same amount of disdain we had when thinking about others that were not upholding what this command, we should have if we see that we are not upholding it ourselves.

May Allah rectify all of our affairs… Allahuma ameen.

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