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18 Jul 2017

Good Companionship (Part 7)

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Truth in action is another characteristic that we need to be actively looking into when deciding with whom we want to surround ourselves. It is one thing for someone to be considered to be a liar. Someone that is known for deceptive practices and trickery is taking things to a whole other level.

Those people that we see are sneaky, and every time we see them they are up to something or into something that they have no business doing, we need to leave them alone. Not only because we never know when we will become the subject of their deceptive ways, but because Allah commanded us not to be with someone that is like this. Why would we purposely continue to put ourselves around people that Allah has told us to stay away from because of the evil that comes from being around people with these characteristics?

Do we think that we know what is better for us than Allah knows? Of course not. We do though, need to ask ourselves why we keep them around. If Allah tells us what is best for us, and is less likely to cause us problems in this life, and possibly in the hereafter, why do we find that our alliances lie in places and things other than that which Allah has commanded us with?

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