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16 Jul 2017

Good Companionship (Part 6b)

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Being able to trust the statements that roll off of a person’s tongue is very important to everyone. Or at least it should be. We must ask ourselves what is wrong with us when we choose other than these people to be around.

Is it that we think that they would lie to EVERYONE else in the world, but us? Do we believe that there is something special about us that would keep them from just saying whatever they think would get them the results they want from us, the way they do with EVERYONE else? What is it about us that allows these people to be in our lives?

We all say that it sounds ridiculous when we say it out loud. Reality though, tells us something different. Look at how many of us keep company with those that are exactly as we have described a minute ago. When we look even further, we see that there are many times more than one of these people in our immediate circle. How did this come about?

When we take a look at the people that we should be surrounding ourselves with, we see that we’ve not only made many bad choices for ourselves, but also for those that we have around our families. Most of this being due to our not “Being with those that are truthful”.

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