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11 Jul 2017

Good Companionship (Part 5)

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In the last post, we mentioned that this command to be with those that are truthful, is both figuratively speaking, as well as literally. We spoke about what was meant figuratively, now we want to speak about the literal meaning.

Allah has commanded us to be with a certain type of person. We’ve been commanded to be with those that are said to be truthful. This does not leave the door open for us to choose the type of friends that we want to have. It does not leave the choice up to us, as to who we want to be around. Can you see how this ties into the topic at hand?

The thing that we need to keep in mind though when talking about this statement “Truthful” when determining the type of people that we should be like and be around, has different connotations. Each one should be understood separately, so that we can understand does this characteristic describe us and those people that we choose to be around.

Just to mention in brief, as this will be the discussion in the next couple of post, we want to talk about the different ways in which this truthfulness is witnessed. The three most important ways are truthfulness in “statement”, in “action”, as well as in “belief”. As, we stated a few minutes ago, we will talk about each of these individually in the upcoming posts, in sha Allah.

What I want you to do though, is to try to ponder over these three aspects, and figure out how they fall in line with the topic at hand before the next post reaches you in sha Allah. Barak Allahu Feekum.

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