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4 Jul 2017

Good Companionship (Part 2)

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Let’s take a quick look at a verse that we want to discuss in the next couple posts. This is the verse where Allah says;

{O You Who Believe! Fear Allah, and be with the truthful.}


Look at this verse. What do you notice? The thing that should be most clear is the fact that Allah is addressing a certain type of people, and giving them direct commands. I am sure that many times, we have run past this verse and really not paid it too much attention. Hopefully beginning today, this will change in sha Allah.

First and foremost we see that Allah addresses the believers. He addresses those that have emaan (belief). He is talking to those that He has blessed and guided to be upon that which His final Messenger Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) has come to explain to all of mankind. Thus, this instruction is meant for everyone in general. Something else that you need to take in mind is that it is meant for YOU in specific, being as though you are one that is described as being from the people of Emaan (belief). So you must pay close attention as to what Allah has commanded you with here.

We will pick up the discussion about that which we have been commanded with in this verse in the next post, by the permission of Allah.

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