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2 Jul 2017

Good Companionship (Part 1)

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Each and every one of us considers ourselves to be good companions, and to have good companions. Most of the time, we find that we judge this issue in terms of ourselves and others in accordance with that which we have seen in our lives and throughout our different experiences. This is probably because most of us are not born Muslim. Thus our default is to return back to these things, as a way of differentiating between that which seems to be normal from those things that are not. We need to consider though, that we are Muslim now, and this default that we often turn back to is incorrect in many ways. Therefore we have to find something else to make our “Go To” or our “Default”.

This is the new topic that we want to discuss with all of you in this upcoming section. I do want to remind all of you, that these are discussions. Many of you have chosen rather than to discuss these issues with us on these posts, to do so through our contact us page. This is fine if it makes you feel more comfortable. As you all know, we try to get to each one of you that write to us, but we do ask you to be patient with us if we take longer than you expected. If you would like though, you can discuss these issues among yourselves on these posts as well. The thing that is important is that you really begin to discuss them. It does not matter to us if it is with us, with your family members, with your close companions or other than them. We  just think that the Ummah as a whole, needs to begin critically thinking about these issues and discussing them with one another.

May Allah guide us all to that which is correct. Allahuma ameen.

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