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3 Jul 2014

Gaining Nothing But Hunger

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We here at Arabic Virtual Academy have worked hard to bring you another one of our Knowledge Based Workshops. This one is entitled “Gaining Nothing But Hunger”. The whole of the workshop is dealing with the situation of our fast and reasons why we may or may not be gaining any reward from our fast other than hunger. 

This is a topic which is TOO IMPORTANT to be overlooked. There are so many reasons why not only can our fasting not count, but also as to why we just eat away at our reward for the fasts that count, until nothing remains of a reward. Who would want that?

For this very reason we have designed this program to aide the Ummah in understanding more about this type of worship that we have been commanded to perform. We did this because we found that there were many essential points about our fast that many people either had never heard before, or completely forgotten about. 

For instance, do you know;

What are some reasons why a persons fast is not even seen as acceptable?

Being as though a persons intention for fasting is so important, do you know when and how one makes their intention to fast?

How should we be taking Sahoor and making Iftar, if we wanted to do it according to the Sunnah?

Can you name for us at-least 7 things that take away from the reward for your fast, which may literally leave you void of any reward at the end of the day?

What are the rulings for the different types of people that break their fast, in terms of what is upon them and when is it upon them to do so?

Well, we talk about this an much more. 

If you don’t know the answers to the most of these questions, it is apparent as to why you need this program. In something as important as the fast, do you really want to be participating in something of this sort not having the basic understanding of how to gain from it some benefit? Of course not.

This course consists of:

6 full length videos (one sent each Thursday of the month until the end of the course).

Downloadable notes for each individual class (power point slides).

Downloadable Mp3 audio of each individual class.

And all of this at a little less than $5.00 per class.

So as you see, the price is right, and the subject is a needed one for many people.

Make your payment below and complete your registration now and you will be on your way. Once the payment is made, you will be taken to a form that you fill out with your name, email address and current country. We will then send you the syllabus for the course, as we do in the remainder of our courses. You will then be able to take the course at your own convenience. We do ask though that you make sure to bookmark the syllabus when it reaches you, so that you always have access to it for future reference.


To register simply pay the registration fee of $29.97


We would like to once again, to  welcome you to our program.

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