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27 Sep 2016

Fiqh (Part 3)

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Now that we understand both the linguistic, as well as the legislated meaning of the world fiqh, today we want to talk for a minute about the difference between them. As it is important in understanding when fiqh is tied into the different sciences, and when it is only referring to one of them.

When I said previously, that fiqh is tied into, or should I say should be tied into all of the other sciences that we study, I was referring to the linguistic definition. It is referring to gaining a detailed understanding about that thing that you are learning. This is very different than just someone giving you some information, and you just accepting it without understanding it, so that you can repeat it. A detailed understanding is much different than that. In these other sciences, especially religious sciences, we should be trying to gain an understanding of these things. This is especially important when we talk about the proper belief system in Islam. It is something that we should be aiming to understand, not just repeat it because it is what we heard. I hope this makes things a bit more clear.

This is much the same as the legislated meaning, except the legislated meaning is talking about specifically the understanding of the rulings for our legislated actions. Such as issues of purification, prayer, fasting, hajj and other then these actions and acts of worship that we practice as Muslims.

The original point though, I hope is more clear. Fiqh in the life of a Muslim is very important. Whether we are talking about an understanding that is obtained in general about the religion and other sciences, or details about the different acts of ‘Ibaadah (worship), fiqh is something that every Muslim should be working to obtain.

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