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25 Sep 2016

Fiqh (Part 2)

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As promised, today we want to take a second and discuss what the term fiqh means legislatively. When discussing this term, the Scholars are usually talking about – The knowledge of the legislated rulings of our actions, that are extracted from their specific proofs and evidences. This is very important for all of us to understand so that we are able to properly digest the information that they are giving to us.

So to break all of this down, this particular definition is talking about not only knowing, but understanding the rulings about our worship that has been legislated in Islam. One of the key differences between knowing these things and understanding them, as understood from the definition, is that this understanding is taken from the proofs and evidences. This does not include what someone told someone else that someone else said. Rather, real understanding comes from studying the proofs and evidences (the details) and being able to properly extract the rulings for our worship.


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