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23 Sep 2016

Fiqh (Part 1)

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One of the first topics that I will be discussing with you is the issue of Fiqh. This is because most of the discussions that arise among the Muslims in general is related to fiqh whether or not we realize it. So today I would like to explain what exactly fiqh is, so that we can see why gaining some type of fiqh in the religion is so extremely important to every Muslim worldwide. Also, by understanding what it is, you will be able to understand why all of the other sciences in Islam is tied to fiqh in some way, shape or form. But we must take this step by step. So it is important that you do not miss a single post, in order for things to make perfect sense to you.

Linguistically the term fiqh means to understand something in detail. This means that knowledge was obtained about something and comprehended, not just being some information that we came across. For instance, we can all say that we know that humans are mammals because this is what we have been told. Though we can not all say that we understand this fact, as many of us have not come across the details in order to really have gained a true understanding.

Now this is the understanding of the term Fiqh in the language. In the next ‘Building Blocks’ post I will explain what fiqh is legislatively. So remember to check back with us, and not to miss a single post.

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