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26 Oct 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 9)

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One issue that is plaguing many people in the Muslim Ummah is the issue of what is called Takfeer of the people of the Qibla (declaring a Muslim a disbeliever). People have taken the understanding that because a Muslim sins, or is not the most righteous person we know, that this is a reason to declare him a disbeliever. This is absolutely wrong Islamically, and is an idea that we need to work hard to erase from the minds of the people as quickly as possible.

The reality of the situation is that the Muslims sin just as everyone else in the world sins. The Muslims are of different levels, and there is good in all of them. It is only their levels of fear of Allah and devotion to Him which differentiate between them, not their actual belief system. Hopefully today we can work together to correct this situation for each person that reads this, and then we must all agree to teach it to others. Agreed?

A Muslim will generally fall into one of three different categories;

  1. Those who rush to the good – These are those that work hard to establish both the obligatory and non-obligatory actions. They also are steadfast in trying to refrain from taking part in both the prohibited as well as disliked actions by Allah.
  2. Those who do as they were commanded – These are those that work hard to perform as much of the obligatory acts as possible, and leave off those forbidden acts.
  3. Those that wrong their own souls – These are those that partake in both doing good and bad deeds, and put themselves in a position to earn Allah’s anger.

The goal of this, was as a simple reminder that in the Muslim, we will always find some good. We need to abandon the issue of trying to disgrace one another, humiliate one another and other than this because of a sin that someone may commit. Allah loved these individuals enough to guide them to and keep them upon Islam. We have been commanded to love the believers as well. Instead of trying to destroy one another, work harder to build one another up, using the ways prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah.

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