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15 Oct 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 4)

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Something else that we find often that is completely skipped over, even though it is tied to our lives as Muslims religiously, is the Muslim calendar. There are so many important things that have happened, which are recorded in the authentic Sunnah and the books of Islamic history, that specifically mention the names of these Islamic Months. Allah mentioned certain things that were supposed to happen during certain times of the year in His book, ie Ramadan, the day of Arafat and other than these things. The months of the Muslim calendar does not match up equally with the gregorian calendar, therefore, we need to work hard in at least knowing which month we are in currently, This will allow us to feel the importance of what happened and will happen during the course of that particular month. I hope that my point is clear.

Names of the Months in the Muslim Calendar:

1st – Mu-har-ram

2nd – Sa-far

3rd – Ra-bi al A-wal

4th – Ra-bi ath Tha-ni

5th – Ju-ma-da al A-wal

6th – Ju-ma-da ath Tha-ni

7th – Ra-jab

8th – Sha-ban

9th – Ra-ma-dan

10th – Sha-wal

11th – Dhu al Qi-dah

12th – Dhu al Hij-jah

We do not yet have a video posted with these names being pronounced, but we will try to post one for all of you soon. Just make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so as not to miss the video once it is uploaded. Barak Allahu Feekum.

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