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21 Nov 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 20)

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The last of these is the belief in the Qadr (pre-ordainment). This is an aspect that many of us over the years have not really paid much attention to in terms of obtaining information about it, let alone believing in it.  When you ask many people about this issue, some can tell you the translation of the word. This is a start, but they still can not tell you what is important about it, nor what we need to believe about it. Our goal today is to free each and every one of us from being from these people. Are you ready?

Generally belief in the Qadr entails us believing that Allah has decreed everything a very long time ago. We must believe that He not only knew what was going to happen, when it was going to happen and where it was going to happen, but there are other factors we must believe in. We must also believe that Allah has commanded these things be written down, that He has willed them and that He is the one that created and brought these things into existence. All of these are necessary parts of our belief in the Qadr.

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