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7 Nov 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 14)

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The one that Allah guides to Islam generally falls into one of three categories in terms of their level of Emaan. It is important that we understand that they are not all the same, and that as we increase from level to level, by Allah’s permission, that which is expected from us is different. These levels are as follows.

The Three Levels;

  1. Muslim- This is the one that has submitted to the truth of al Islam and that which it necessitates.
  2. Mu’min- This is the one who’s real BELIEF has entered into their hearts, and their belief causes them to do certain things, and stay away from others.
  3. Muh’sin- This is the one that has reached a level of certainty, that we find them worshiping Allah as though they know for sure that Allah is watching them (as though they actually see Him watching over them).

So as you see, these levels all fall inside the fold of Islam, and there is good in all of them. The thing we want to understand, is that they are very different in terms of their benefit to the one that is described with these names. Emaan is off different levels, and this is why we, as Muslims, are supposed to always be asking Allah for increase in our level of Emaan, so that we can reach this level of being Muh’sineen, and have the certainty needed to worship Allah as though we witnessed Him in front of us, thus staying constantly in His worship and attempting to gain His pleasure.


May Allah give us all increase. Allahuma ameen

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