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2 Nov 2017

Facts Every Muslim Should Know (Part 12)

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To add onto the topic we previously discussed in the last post, we want to talk about those things that we believe in as Muslims. How many of us have told people regularly that we believe and are believers? How many of us have been told this by others? This is not necessarily a bad thing. The thing that concerns me though is that many people, when you stop them and ask them what they believe in as Muslims, they begin to give you that blank stare. This even happens to some us from time to time. This is a situation the we must work together to change.

As a Muslim, there are certain things that we have been commanded to believe in due to our religion. We have to make sure that we know what these things are and actually believe in these things. As well, we are responsible for calling others to believe in these things. We have to begin talking about these things more often, as to remind one another about those thing that we believe in as Muslims, so that we are less likely to fall into being negligent of these things. Generally they are six in number. We refer to them as the “Articles of Faith”.

The Articles of Faith Are;

  1. A belief in Allah
  2. A belief in His Messengers
  3. A belief in His Angels
  4. A belief in His Books
  5. A belief in the day of Judgement
  6. A belief in The qadr (predestination)

In order to keep this topic from becoming a whole lecture by itself, I will cut it short here. Do your best to memorize these six items and we will address them at a later date individually, so as to explain what we believe about these things. First thing is first though, make sure that you memorize these items, and begin reminding one another about these things, as they are the obligatory articles of faith that every Muslim has been commanded to believe in religiously.

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