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Q. – Are the classes for men and women separated?

A. – Yes the men will be taught by men only, and the women only taught by women.

Q. – What will be the specific dates and times for the classes?

A. – The classes will be held on everyday of the week. As far as the specific dates and times for specific classes or packages, we cannot answer that as we are dealing with students from all around the world. Many of them live in different time zones. So therefore we try to group our students in to the time slots that are convenient for both them and the teachers. So we have been handling that on an individual basis.

Q. – What is the chosen payment method for the courses?

A. – We have an account with PayPal that we use to make it easy on the students. Some do though, decide that they want to use Western Union, Money Gram and other methods. This can be worked out on an individual basis. Contact us and we will work out with you the method that works for everyone involved.

Q. – What are the qualifications of the teachers?

A. – All of our teachers at this time have certificates and degrees in the different sciences of the Arabic Language as well as in The Education Field. We are though, trying to get the specifics added to the site for each teacher. In sha Allah they will be added very soon.

Q. – How do I get started?

A. – Simply send us an email requesting the enrollment form and we will email it to you. At that point, it will only be for you to fill it out, sign and send it back to us in as a word document. Then once the information is received and reviewed, if necessary we will send out a placement test. This is to be filled out and sent back to us within 24 hours. The test will be given to one of the teachers to correct and to give their recommendation on the level that the student should enter.

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