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6 Aug 2012

Do not get your days and nights confused!!!

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As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

This is just a small reminder to all of you that in the Islamic calendar, the day comes after the night. This is in contradiction to that which many of us plan our lives around. We wanted to remind you of this because of the importance of this time of year. We are coming up to the last ten days of Ramadan. Many of you in trying to catch the Night of Decree calculate your days and nights incorrectly. This inadvertently most likely WILL effect you chances in catching the Night of Decree.

So take this example that we are giving you and calculate the rest of the days and nights around it. Remember that when we reach the 20th day, that night (after Magrib enters) starts the 21st night. Do you see where we are going with this? We want you to pay attention. Most of us most years match the day with the night that follow it. Therefore, we on the 21st day go to the Masjid and try to catch the night of decree but the night when we think about it, is the night of the 22nd. We know from that which was left from us from the guidance, that the Night is found on one of the odd nights of  the last ten days.

With the way that many of the people have grown use to calculating, they will not catch the Night on these even nights. So this is just to remind you that you should make sure that the nights that you are looking for, are actually odd nights. If you just remember that the day is not followed by its night then you have a good chance of at least being able to tell the difference between the odd and even nights.

May Allah allow us to be of those that catch the Night of Decree in the one of the odd nights of the last ten days. Allahuma ameen.

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