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We welcome all of you to our Hadith Terminologies Course. For entirely too long, we have been at the mercy of those that have acquired certain basic levels of education. Not understanding certain terminologies have been what has blinded us to the truth of many of the statements of the Scholars and what they have said about various narrations. This is the reason for us designing this multilevel course. We have decided to teach our students about this science called “Mustalihil Hadith”, in order to give everyone an opportunity to understand how to deal with the narrations on their own.   

In the first level – (Beginner Course) we will be disusing a very important text that The Scholars of Hadith (Prophetic Narriations) have been advising their students to study for generations. The book is a particular poem entitled “Bayqooniah”. In this level, the student will be given the ability to begin to:

  • Comprehend the benefit of this science in detail.
  • Value the lofty position it has in relation to all of the other Islamic sciences.
  • Become familiar with the many different descriptions that are given to the various narrations, and their meanings.
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of what the Scholars are saying in their lectures, books and tapes. 
  • Topics Covered:
    • – Introduction to the Science Entitled – Mustalihil Hadith
    • – The Grading of Hadith According To Scholars of the Field
    • – Sahih Hadith and It’s Conditions
    • – Hasan Hadith and It’s Conditions
    • – Da’eef Hadith and It’s Conditions
    • – Types of Classifications According to the Number of Narrators
    • – Various Problems Found in Narrations

The second level – (Intermediate Course) course – To be announced.

The third level – (Advanced Course) – To be announced.

Cost of the course

This is a group course that meets for a period of 1 hour per week until the text itself is completed. The cost of the course as a group as a whole, is a mere $150 US dollars. Therefore if you have a group of 10 students ready for registration, the entire course will only cost each individual $15 US dollars. If you have 5 people in your group the complete course will cost each individual $30 US dollars. 

Again, this is a complete course whole text can is studied with a qualified instructor for the low price of approximately $15 – $30 per student, and possibly less depending on the number of students in your group. 


What Next?

The payment is taken as one lump sum payment. Your group coordinator, center, institute or Masjid will make full payment first, then one of our student coordinators will contact you through the email that was provided to us to arrange a time for the class that is suitable for everyone involved.