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Finally Learning To Purify Your Tawbah!!!

We here at Arabic Virtual Academy are pleased to bring to you our workshop on Enaabah (or returning to Allah’s obedience). This is a topic that needs to be looked into by each and every one in the Muslim Community. This is because many people have no clue as to what are some of the different types of worship that we do with our hearts, let alone this particular one. Especially since this type of worship is dealing with how each and every one of us actually goes about returning to Allah’s obedience after falling into sin.

Many people have a hard time being able to tell the difference between what is called Enaabah and what is called Tawbah (repentance). Some people will tell you that it is not important to be able to differentiate between the two, but the reality is that they are two separate types of worship that need to be understood in detail.

In this workshop we discuss:

  • What the exact meaning of Enaabah entails.
  • The fact that Enaabah is a legislated type of worship and it’s proof.
  • The importance of this type of worship.
  • How this Enaabah is performed.
  • What other types of worship come along with Enaabah automatically.

If you look at these things mentioned and don’t know one or two of these topics it shows that you need to take this course, so that you can understand more about this VERY IMPORTANT type of worship that Allah has commanded us to perform. Now, if you do not know any of these topics, or even the majority, then with out a doubt you see the fact that taking this course is a MUST. Especially being as though we know that we were commanded to have knowledge of the worship we are to perform before we do it, so that we can be sure that we are performing it in the correct manner.

The cost of this course is $29 (usd). Once your payment is made and registration to the course is completed, you will gain immediate access to the course. This is one of our courses that enable you to study at your own pace, so take your time and get the full benefit of this program. May Allah grant each and every on of you success in both this life and the next. Allahuma ameen.

The registration process, as always is very simple. Make the one time payment using the link below. Once this is done you will directed to a page where you enter your registration information. Upon completing this you will receive your syllabus and be ready to embark on learning more about this not only beautiful, but also necessary act of worship.

Section 1The Fiqh of Al Enaabah
Lecture 1Introduction to the Workshop
Lecture 2Types of Worship
Lecture 3The Importance of the Worship of the Heart
Lecture 4The Definition of Al Enaabah
Lecture 5The Evidence for Al Enaabah
Lecture 6How to Make Enaabah
Lecture 7Types of Enaabah
Lecture 8The Importance of Al Enaabah
Lecture 9The Types of Worship Linked to Al Enaabah - Relying Upon Allah
Lecture 10The Types of Worship Linked to Al Enaabah - Fear
Lecture 11The Types of Worship Linked to Al Enaabah - Hoping
Lecture 12The Types of Worship Linked to Al Enaabah - Love
Lecture 13The Conclusion