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25 Oct 2016

Commands and Prohibitions (part 6)

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So in brief, by now you should understand that Allah only commands us with those things that are going to be a major benefit to us in both the hereafter, but also in this life. This holds true even when we do not realize the wisdom of this particular thing that we have been commanded to do. I am hoping that the examples that we have given in the previous days have proven this fact to those that have not given it much thought before.

Likewise, we should have seen the wisdom from the examples of the prohibitions that Allah has set. Every Muslim knows that there is a possible harm that will come in the hereafter because of our disobeying Allah and partaking in these forbidden actions. Not many though, have taken the time to think about the ramifications of our partaking in these actions in this life itself. Now that we have pointed some of these out, it should be clear that these prohibitions are for our own good.

In conclusion: Now that these two issues are understood, it should make it easier to obey Allah in what He has commanded, and refraining from what He has forbidden. This should be especially true when considering the fact that the benefit of it all returns to us, only, as individuals. Moreover, we see that these benefits come not only in the hereafter, but also here in this life. May Allah aide us in being obedient to Him… Allahuma ameen.

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