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23 Oct 2016

Commands and Prohibitions (part 5)

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We will talk briefly today about the prohibition of fornication and adultery and the enormous amount of harm that come from them.  This is an issue that is clear in terms of many of the harms that come from them. Such as all of the illegitimate pregnancies going around in our societies these days. As well as issues of the spreading of so many of these different sexually transmitted diseases that are running rampant in many of our communities. Do i need to name more?

By now it should be apparent to all of us that the prohibition of these crimes are not just done for the sake of Allah’s prohibiting us from things. Rather they are done, as we stated earlier because of the enormous amount of harm that is found in these acts. So now that we see this, and how it is applied in the couple of examples that were discussed. It should be easy for you to see how this holds true for all of that which Allah has prohibited us from, even when we ourselves do not know the wisdom behind it. At the very least, you should know that the wisdom of abstention does exist.

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