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20 Oct 2016

Commands and Prohibitions (part 4)

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Today we will be talking about the prohibition of backbiting and slandering. It is not unknown to any of us that Allah has commanded us to stay away from these things. The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) told us about the punishment for diving head first into these sins. Have you ever given thought about all the harm that we inflict on ourselves and our society by partaking in these horrible actions?

These atrocities cause so much hate, rancor and distrust in our households, Masaajid and communities that it sometimes destroys them. This is not only done because of the bad  feelings it causes about the one being spoken about, but think about what it does to your reputation in the eyes of the people that witness you, when you are partaking in these sins. Even though they may like to hear other people’s business and your gossip, do you think that they trust you? Do you think that they feel as though their honor is safe from you? Do you think that they feel as though you would not, or even are not, running around telling stories about them?

With all this distrust going on, what kind of community can you possibly hope to develop? Is this not going to create an enormous amount of hardship for you and everyone around you? Do you see now why Allah has prohibited us from these horrible acts? And we have not named but a couple of the harms that come from them. Subhanna Allah.

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