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13 Oct 2016

Commands and Prohibitions (part 1)

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Today I would like to point out another benefit of knowing the rulings to our actions. This goes right along with what we have been discussing recently. It is the issue of Allah’s commands and prohibitions. We need to understand that there is nothing that Allah has commanded us with except that there is an enormous amount of benefit that will come from obedience of it. This is true even when we do not understand where the benefit is, or even what it is. For example, people may ask where the benefit is in our getting up to pray 5 times a day. Well first and foremost, it is something that keeps you in remembrance of your Lord  throughout the day and the night. Do you know of a person who preserves  their 5 daily prayers on time, except that they are one of those that have Allah and Islam on their mind regularly in between the prayer times.

In the next post we will discuss another example of how Allah ONLY commands us to do things that will have an enormous amount of benefit in sha Allah.

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