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8 Nov 2016

Characteristics of a Muslim (part 6)

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Yet another characteristic of the Muslims which many have forgotten about is the issue of ‘Not wasting time’. As a Muslim we must realize that our time on the face of this earth is limited. We need to understand that we can not keep sitting idly, rather we have to begin preparing for the time in which we will meet our Lord.

We can not afford to be idle,to just sit around waiting to pass on to the next life. We have to begin trying to involve ourselves in those acts that Allah is pleased with, so that we can gain His pleasure, mercy and forgiveness. We should not be pleased with sitting in front of the television all day or on the social media networks witnessing nothing, or even those things that Allah may call us to account for witnessing. Rather we should be trying to read the Quran, learn about the Sunnah, pondering over the wonders of Allah’s creation and giving one another a good word and reminder. These are the things that we need to be involving ourselves with instead of just wasting our lives away.

Our goal should be to keep ourselves in remembrance of Allah, and not busy with things that make us negligent of Him. Subhanna Allah.

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