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6 Nov 2016

Characteristics of a Muslim (part 5)

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‘Being a good example’ to those around us seems to be another lost art in these days and times. As Muslim’s this is something that we have been commanded to do. We are supposed to be representatives of the religion of Allah on the Earth. How we carry ourselves says a lot to those around us, even if we do not realize that they are watching.

Look at how many people try to stereotype Islam as something bad when they see the Muslims doing that which we have been prohibited to do. This is because people are naturally watching us to see what we do and how we do it. This is a huge part of our call to Islam. Therefore, we need to take it serious and begin to make our statements and actions be of those that cause people to grow closer to desiring a better relationship with Allah, and not of those that call to the opposite of this.

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