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1 Nov 2016

Characteristics of a Muslim (part 3)

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Today we want to focus on ‘being kind to one another’. Subhanna Allah. Where do we begin with this one. It is a crying shame the way that you see we treat one another in real life and on social media. Some do not care if it is in the privacy of our own homes, or it is in public for the whole world to see.

As Muslims, we need to watch how we are with one another in both speech and action. We should be working to build one another up and not working to tear one another down. We should be meeting one another with a smile and a kind word, and not the frowns and snide remarks that have become all too common. We have been commanded to be a certain way with the Muslims, and many times we do not see this from one another.

The real shame though, is that when each and every one of us look at ourselves, we find that sometimes, there are those that disbelieve in the way we live your lives, but yet we treat them better than those that are trying to move in the same direction as us. How does this make sense? How has this become the norm?

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