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30 Oct 2016

Characteristics of a Muslim (part 2)

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Our topic today is ‘keeping our word’. This should be very important for Muslims and non Muslims alike. But it should be especially true for the Muslim. We should know that when we talk to people and make promises to do things, that we should do our best to keep our word. Among the characteristics that each and every Muslim should be trying to maintain, is honesty and dependability. Wouldn’t you agree that these attributes are a great form of dawah to the entire world, especially in the times that we live in?

Look around at how many people that you know, now compare that number to the number of those people that you know that you can depend on to keep their word when they tell you they will do something or be somewhere? The number for most people drop to less than half, and for others it is less than a third. Something is wrong with this picture. We need to change this, and the correct place to begin this change is in ourselves.

We need to for both ourselves as Muslims, as well as the non Muslims, let the people see what and how a Muslim should be in terms of keeping his/her word. We can not continue to sit back and let the people see us as  untrustworthy and a dishonest people. This does not only affect how they see us, but it also has a direct effect on how they see Islam.

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