Science of Hadeeth Workshop

Science of Hadeeth Workshop Audios

Posted on02 Nov 2013
So, we searched for a solution to this problem. Lo and behold, we found one. What we are offering now, is a brand new package, in which you will receive all of the audio files for the first level of the course (which consist of 11 downloadable MP3 files). This will enable you to download them to your MP3 players, I-phones, Smart Phones or what ever device you use which plays MP3 files.

The Science of Hadeeth Workshop

Posted on18 Apr 2013
Welcome to our program. We are excited to be able to have launched this new course. For a while now, many of you have been asking about a course like this. We chose this book, as a course of study because not only is it from that was written and organized by one of the major Scholars of our time (May Allah have mercy on him), but because it was originally designed to be taught as a course in a school setting.
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