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Not Misunderstanding The Term ‘Ikhlaas’

Posted on13 Aug 2015
"This term 'Ikhlaas is one that many of us use often as Muslims. We have been hearing it since Allah guided us to Islam. What we need to do though, is ask ourselves how many of us really understand the meaning of this term. We need to figure out whether or not anyone has sat down with us and explained to us in detail that which is meant when we use this word."

In Times Of Fitnah (Trials)

Posted on02 Jul 2015
"When we look around, we find that different individuals handle the fitnah that they go through in different ways. Some are able to cope with them and be patient, while others are unable to control themselves and their reactions."

Should ‘Hope Or Fear’ Be More Important To You?

Posted on21 May 2015
"These are the issues of both 'hope' and 'fear'. The people of the Sunnah are very different from various sects that are being introduced to the people in our times. Especially in this particular issue. It is imperative that we all be upon clarity in this issue..."

Types Of Dependence

Posted on30 Apr 2015
"The problem with this though, is the fact that our not seeing and recognizing Allah as the point of origin of all of our blessings, it is hard to truly be thankful to him for what He has given us and saved us from."

Working Toward Purifying The Soul

Posted on16 May 2013
He tied success to one's purifying their soul and cleansing their hearts from bad mannerisms and actions. As well He tied it to remembering the name of ones Lord along with adorning oneself with different types virtues.

The Four Types Of Love

Posted on28 Mar 2013
In his book entitled “The Explanation of Some benefits from Surah al Fatihah” Sheikh Fawzaan made absolutely clear that Muhabbah (Love) is of four types and explained these types. He numbered and explained them as follows: ...

Making Changes

Posted on07 Mar 2013
The first two types are both legislated in Islam. The third type is left up to the ijtihaad (or reasoning) of the scholars. The fourth type is forbidden in Islam.

The Conditions For Showing Disapproval

Posted on28 Feb 2013
It was also said, “Whoever sees from their leader something that he is displeased with, then be patient and do not remove your hand in obedience form them” (Narrated by Al Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad and Ad Darami).

The Importance of Being Upright

Posted on21 Feb 2013
It is upon the slave to leave off all things that may harm him, those things that will make him reduce the amount of good actions they do or even leaving off all together doing different actions. Allahu ta’ala said in Suratul Fusilaat verses ...
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