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Beginning Ramadan

Posted on06 Jun 2016
Al hamdulillah Ramadan has returned by the permission of Allah. Unfortunately, to many Muslims, the coming of Ramadan means being hungry, being...
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Understanding Maqaasid Ash Sharia

Posted on31 Dec 2015
"Maqaasid al Sharia is a very essential part of Fiqh. If understood correctly, it becomes a vital tool in making ijtihad. Maqaasid al Shariah should provide a sound interpretation of arriving at a fatwa (Islamic ruling."

Putting Things Back In Order

Posted on17 Sep 2015
"A huge problem is that we are not a people that are used to being thankful for those things that we have. We have become accustomed to only complaining about the things that we have not yet been given."

Why Would We Leave This Off

Posted on20 Aug 2015
"We need to try to not only be of those that begin to practice this important Sunnah, but also of those that call our loved ones to practicing it. This way we can get the reward for not only practicing the Sunnah of the remembrances after the obligatory prayers, but aslo get the reward for calling our loved ones to it as did the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessing be upon him). "

The Morning And Evening Remembrances

Posted on30 Jul 2015
"All through out the Quran and Sunnah we find different ways that have been described to us about what needs to be done in order to have protection set up for not only us, but for our loved ones. It is very important that we do not neglect these things, as we must remember that they come directly from the Lord of the worlds."
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