Is The Witr Prayer Different Than The Night Prayer?

Posted on13 Jun 2013
The Witr prayer is one unit of prayer, in which you end the night prayer. This is done either at the end of the night, in the middle of the night or even in the beginning oft the night after the Isha prayer. You pray that which is easy for you to do, then you end it up by ...

The Tasleem at the end of the Prayer

Posted on06 Jun 2013
That which is known from the Sunnah is only the statement "as salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi both to the left and the right. As far as adding on the statement - wa barakaatuh - there is a difference of opinion among the Scholars

The Ghusl on The Day of Jumua’ah

Posted on21 Mar 2013
Is the ghusl on the day of Jumua’ah an obligation on us or is it just something that is recommended that we do? If the person makes ghusl from sexual impurities the night of Jumua’ah, does that suffice as his ghusl for Jumua'ah? Understanding that there are some people that say, “The day begins at midnight”, so if the ghusl is not accepted if we pray it at that time, then when is it an acceptable time to make it?

Understanding The Prostration of Forgetfulness

Posted on14 Mar 2013
Some of the Imams make the prostration of forgetfulness after the tasleem (salaam), and some of them perform it before the tasleem. As well, some of them make it before sometimes and after sometimes. So when is the correct time in which it was legislated to do so before the tasleem, and when is it legislated to do so after it. Also, we would like to know, is the ruling for that which was legislated to prostrate for before and after the salaams, is it an obligation or something that is recommended?

The Importance of Being Upright

Posted on21 Feb 2013
It is upon the slave to leave off all things that may harm him, those things that will make him reduce the amount of good actions they do or even leaving off all together doing different actions. Allahu ta’ala said in Suratul Fusilaat verses ...
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