The Building Blocks Series

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 8)

Posted on28 Sep 2017
"Our job as parents is to build up these children. We should be trying to make sure that the ones that will be taking the baton from us, will actually be in a position to successfully grab it and run with it."

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 6)

Posted on24 Sep 2017
"We must begin helping our children, by placing in front of them those things that they can benefit from, and not those things that were originally designed to lead them astray and harm them."

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 5)

Posted on21 Sep 2017
"These, and other skill sets are a must that we need to instill in our children before it is too late. We should do our best to make sure that we have covered these issues with them before they leave our homes."

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 4)

Posted on19 Sep 2017
"Whether it be spousal abuse, abuse of the youth, abuse of the elders, racial violence, many different criminal activities, or other than these things, we find that much of it stems back to this problem."

Not Destroying Our Children (Part 1)

Posted on12 Sep 2017
"In this next few posts we will be discussing some tips on what a parent should and should not be doing when raising their children. We will also be talking about things that we as parents should be accepting and expecting from our offspring, as well as those things that should not be accepted."
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