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The Obligation Of Following The Sunnah

Posted on07 May 2015
"Many of us look at the Sunnah as though it is something that we do when we want to, and leave off when we feel as though there is no time for it. This is a dangerous way to think. This audio is important that we not only listen to it for ourselves..."

Benefits of Fasting Ramadan

Posted on22 May 2014
"Some of us even spend the month excited about nothing other than the end of the month. This is due to our not understanding exactly how important this month is to our very success and happiness."

Being Upright

Posted on20 Feb 2014
"This is what this short audio is about. In it we discussed the issue of being upright after accepting Islam as a way of life. We talked about how important it is, how we were commanded to do so and the reward for the one that does this. So take a few minutes and get some benefit from this recorded class."

Entering Into Islam Whole-Heartedly

Posted on14 Feb 2014
We find that many times, we see that most people take being Muslims very lightly. We see that people pick and choose which parts of the religion that they want to practice. The problem with this as you will see, is that Allah commanded us to take the whole of the Religion and practice it to the best of our abilities. This is what was focused on in this class.

Backbiting – The Reality Of It All

Posted on07 Nov 2013
This audio is dealing with the whole of the SICKNESS OF BACKBITING and its effects on our societies, families and friendships. It is something that is ripping our communities into shreds.

What are you doing?

Posted on26 Sep 2013
In this audio we discuss the issue of how a Muslim is supposed to be a productive member of his society and a caller to Islam. It is a reminder that the responsibility of giving dawah falls on different people according to their abilities. So, this is upon all of us. Therefore we all need to ask ourselves - What are we doing to work towards making our communities better.

Brotherhood In Islam

Posted on25 Sep 2012
This audio is about Brotherhood in Islam. We touch on how it should and shouldn't be, as well as what it should be based on.

Dangers of the Tongue

Posted on04 Sep 2012
"This audio is about the dangers of that which rolls off of our tongues. May Allah protect us from the evils of it. Allahuma ameen."
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