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The First Class (The Fasting Series)

Posted on09 Jun 2014
The last point that we discussed is the fact that there are certain conditions that when met, the fast becomes an obligation on that individual. We touched on not only these conditions, but as well proofs and evidences for these from the Quran and Sunnah.

The Second Class (The Fasting Series)

Posted on16 Jun 2014
This audio deals with both the issue of the Niyyah (Intention) in detail. We discuss issues of differing among the Scholars, their proofs and evidences and the strongest opinion. We also deal, in detail, with certain things that it is absolutely necessary that you stay away from while you are fasting.

The Third Class (The Fasting Series)

Posted on21 Jun 2014
This is because many-times no one has ever sat them down and explained to them that there are other aspects that add to the reward of ones fast if they are implemented during the fast itself. Likewise there are many things that take away from our fast and it's reward if we take part in them while we are fasting.

The Fourth Class (The Fasting Series)

Posted on28 Jun 2014
"When we talk about fasting, unfortunately the only thing that comes to many of even the minds of the Muslims is Ramadan only. There are many other months and days of the year where either fasting is recommended, disliked or even impermissible. So we spent some time bringing some of these days to light, as well as their different rulings."

The Fifth Class (The Fasting Series)

Posted on30 Jun 2014
"Most of the situations that you find that we run into, or that people may stop and ask us about on a regular basis are touched on in this class. So get your pens and paper ready, so that you can get the information that is highly needed in so many of our households and communities."
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