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7 Sep 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 14)

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There are other issues that it is highly recommended for one to look for when choosing a potential spouse. My goal here was not to name them all. Rather I was interested in pointing out some things that may help out tremendously when trying to find issues of compatibility between you and your potential spouse, so as to add to the potential longevity of the marriage.

Before that, I mentioned some of those things that should definitely not be “THE” determining factor in your deciding to marry an individual. Rather, the most important thing that we should all be looking for when choosing a spouse, is the issue of their Religion and their relationship with Allah. All of what we see to be good qualities, without this relationship will prove to be harmful to both them and you. As I stated though, that these things previously mentioned are both good and permissible things to look for in the person of your interest. We must remember though that they are simply secondary factors, thus should be treated as such.

Last but not least, I want to remind you that none of these secondary issues are conditions of the acceptability or correctness of one’s marriage contract. They are but pieces of advice from some of our different Scholars past and present as to certain things that can add to the compatibility of the two individuals, and their long term happiness in their marriage.

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