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5 Sep 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 13)

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One of the other issues that you  will find that the Scholars suggest that you look at when trying to find a potential spouse is having a similar educational background. If not the situation of being someone that has studied the same field as you, at least they should have studied at the same general level. This refers to your having studied at a high school or college level, and them having done the same. The same goes for one completing the masters level program or even a doctorate level program. It is highly advisable that you try to marry someone on  that same type of level. This is due to the level of conversation that is possible between the two of you. Regardless of the chosen field, an individual that has studied on the same level as you, is going to be capable of conversing with you on a particular level and understanding what you are saying and from where you are coming faster and better than someone that has not.

Think about it for a minute, who will be more intellectually compatible for you, someone that you can speak to on a similar level, or someone that either you are forced to help them understand, or them having to help you to understand the details being discussed?

Remember though, that I am in no way saying that the Scholars are saying that it is an obligation that we look to marry someone of this sort. This is definitely not a condition that must be made in  order for the marriage to be considered to be valid. This is just a recommendation that will aide in issues of compatibility, These recommendations are made simply to help in the issue of longevity of the marriage itself. The more compatible individuals are, the longer they are likely to be together.

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