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31 Aug 2017

Being Successful In Finding Your Other Half (Part 11)

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Another issue that one should be looking for when searching for a potential spouse is someone in a similar economic background and class. You may be asking what I mean when I say this, or even why this would even matter. Well, first and foremost, we need to understand that these pieces of advice that we get from the Scholars of Islam are in no way said to be mandatory for someone to uphold so that their marriage is acceptable. Rather they are only suggestions as to things that will make the spouses more compatible, which will result in a longer lasting relationship.

As I was saying, from these things is being from the same basic social class. This will aide in you and your spouse having more in common and more to talk about on a regular basis. Those basic experiences growing up, will for the most part be shared between the both of you, which will mean certain concepts will not be foreign to either of you. As well, the situation of certain societal customs that have become the norm for some people. You will find that you both expect the same type of actions and reactions in certain situations. You will both be likely to have similar expectations as to how issues are to be handled.

Another thing that this will bring a certain level of comfortability, is the situation of social crowds. As you can imagine, it is very hard to be around a group of people that you are not accustomed to being around. Whether we talk about family gatherings, friends night, or any other social gatherings, being in a crowd of people you are not accustomed to can be difficult for you, as well as your spouse. This is generally due to societal norms. These may not seem like they may not really make a big difference, but believe me it does. Once the stress in any relationship begins, all of these stressors seem to become amplified and lead to much more discord than you could possibly imagine.

Therefore, finding someone that you have as much in common with as possible will alleviate many situations in the future in sha Allah. This is not to say that if someone does not take this piece of advice, that their marriage is destine to fail, but if we put our emotions to the side, I am sure we can all agree that this can really prove to make a bad situation worse.

May Allah protect us and all of our unions… Allahuma ameen.


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