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11 May 2015

Al Bayqooniyyah – (Hadeeth Terminologies)

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We have some great news for all of our students that have been trying to learn about Hadeeth Terminologies (Mustalahil Hadeeth). As promised, we have the book right here as a FREE DOWNLOAD, and the classes are available. It took a little longer than we thought it would, but everything is ready. 

This book is well known to most of you. It is a book that many of the Students of Knowledge start with, when learning this science. As many before you, we are sure that you will gain an enormous amount of benefit from all of the knowledge it contains. 

So, do not delay any longer. Get your copy now, and register for your course and get things underway. 


Do not forget to share this book with others in your community so they may also benefit from that which is in the text. 

Download Link:

[Al Bayqooniyyah]



For anyone interested in studying with one of our qualified teachers, you can take a look at some of our current plans at the link below.

[Studying With Arabic Virtual Academy]

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