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11 May 2015

Al Ajroomiyyah

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This particular matn (text) needs absolutely no introduction. This is the small book that the beginning student of knowledge uses to start off his study of the Arabic Language. It will be difficult to find someone that has traveled this path before you that has not studied this book, let alone heard of it and the various benefits it contains. 

We, knowing how important this book is, have made it easy on you as a student to obtain this book. We have placed the download link below so that you may benefit from the book. Whether you study the book with us or with someone else, we advise you to familiarize yourself with this book at least, if you do not plan to memorize these few pages.


Download Link:

[Al Ajroomiyyah]



For anyone interested in studying with one of our qualified teachers, you can take a look at some of our current plans at the link below.

[Studying With Arabic Virtual Academy]

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