March 2017

Proofs That It’s The Truth (Part 2)

Posted on28 Mar 2017
"That which is important at this point though, is that we understand that the Qur’an itself is one of the miracles, if not the biggest of the miracles that was sent to our beloved Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him) as a proof of the fact that his message was the truth."

We Were Just Wondering….

Posted on23 Mar 2017
"We have done an abundance of talking about this whole issue of 'Tawheed'. We have done our best to try to explain it in its simplest form, yet give as much information as possible as to make it clear."

Understanding Tawheed (part 36)

Posted on19 Mar 2017
"Tawheed is definitely not an issue that we can afford to do as we've been doing by simply breezing by it. We can no longer afford to just hear the different terminologies and not understand them, rather we must understand that Tawheed is the underlined aspect of the whole of our religion."

Understanding Tawheed (part 34)

Posted on14 Mar 2017
"Rather, we must understand that it is not correct that we worship Allah except by sticking to that which was legislated, or at least derived from that which was legislated."

Understanding Tawheed (part 33)

Posted on12 Mar 2017
"Now after taking another look, we should all see that this is not the concept that many of us have been taught over the years. Many may even find that they spend much less time in actual worship than they think."

Understanding Tawheed (part 32)

Posted on09 Mar 2017
“A comprehension word consisting of everything that Allah likes and is pleased with, from both statements and actions, that are apparent and those things that are not witnessed by others.”
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