January 2017

Understanding Tawheed (part 19)

Posted on31 Jan 2017
"We must make sure to pay attention so as not to fall into any of them ourselves, also so that we can warn our loved ones about these dangerous understandings."

Understanding Tawheed (part 17)

Posted on26 Jan 2017
"This is something that many of us are very lackadaisical in terms of when it comes to our studies. So, what we want to do in this section is explain why this issue is so important."

Understanding Tawheed (part 16)

Posted on24 Jan 2017
"Rather, the goal was only to show how big the situation of ar-Rububiyyah really is, so that we take the situation as something as important and not just see it as a term that we have memorized and gotten into the habit of repeating."

Understanding Tawheed (part 12)

Posted on15 Jan 2017
"We need to understand that as people of Tawheed, that we need to have a firm belief in this issue. It needs to be that type of belief that is shown in our actions and not just haphazard statements that easily to off of our tongues."

Understanding Tawheed (part 11)

Posted on12 Jan 2017
"As Muslims we say off our tongues all of the time that we believe this statement wholeheartedly. The thing that really matters though is whether or not our actions show this belief. It really is not all about our statements and claims."

Understanding Tawheed (part 10)

Posted on10 Jan 2017
"In this part we’ll discuss a major action that only come from Allah. We say that we believe in what we're about to discuss, but many times you'll find that our actions say otherwise. This is the act of of bringing about a cure when harm or sickness befalls us."
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