November 2016

Loving Allah (part 7)

Posted on29 Nov 2016
"This should allow us all to compare the love we claim to have for Allah to what we see in reality, then fix that in which we are falling short."

Loving Allah (part 4)

Posted on22 Nov 2016
"Subhanna Allah, when we reflect on our own situations, we find that we don't even give even half, or even a third of the effort when it comes to the Lord of all that exists."

Loving Allah (part 3)

Posted on20 Nov 2016
"We want to discuss with you is the fact that true love for Allah is known by that which is seen from us and not just something that is heard coming from our mouths."

Loving Allah (part 1)

Posted on15 Nov 2016
"The issue we want to discuss with all of you is that of loving Allah. There is not one of us except that this claim of us loving Allah comes from our mouths from time to time."
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