September 2016

Rulings in Islam (part 1)

Posted on29 Sep 2016
"Today we want to talk about the first term that all of us use, but may have not been explained to us in detail what is really meant by it. This term is ‘Waajib’."

Fiqh (Part 3)

Posted on27 Sep 2016
"Whether we are talking about an understanding that is obtained in general about the religion and other sciences, or details about the different acts of ‘Ibaadah (worship), fiqh is something that every Muslim should be working to obtain."

Fiqh (Part 2)

Posted on25 Sep 2016
As promised, today we want to take a second and discuss what the term fiqh means legislatively. When discussing this term, the...
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Fiqh (Part 1)

Posted on23 Sep 2016
"So today I would like to explain what exactly fiqh is, so that we can see why gaining some type of fiqh in the religion is so extremely important to every Muslim worldwide. Also, by understanding what it is, you will be able to understand why all of the other sciences in Islam is tied to fiqh in some way, shape or form."
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