August 2015

Why Would We Leave This Off

Posted on20 Aug 2015
"We need to try to not only be of those that begin to practice this important Sunnah, but also of those that call our loved ones to practicing it. This way we can get the reward for not only practicing the Sunnah of the remembrances after the obligatory prayers, but aslo get the reward for calling our loved ones to it as did the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessing be upon him). "

Not Misunderstanding The Term ‘Ikhlaas’

Posted on13 Aug 2015
"This term 'Ikhlaas is one that many of us use often as Muslims. We have been hearing it since Allah guided us to Islam. What we need to do though, is ask ourselves how many of us really understand the meaning of this term. We need to figure out whether or not anyone has sat down with us and explained to us in detail that which is meant when we use this word."

Riyyadh as Saaliheen

Posted on10 Aug 2015
The project for the “Riyyadh as Saaliheen” audio compilation, in both Arabic and English, has finally been completed and is ready for you. So get yours...
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