June 2015

The Way To Success

Posted on25 Jun 2015
"In this short video reminder we discuss the issue of Success and how it is achieved. We talk about the Surah al Asr, and the equation found in it that leads to success. We also discussed the goal we should be trying to reach as Muslims. Without a goal, we would be wandering around aimlessly as we see others doing. "

أثر العبادات في حياة المسلم

Posted on23 Jun 2015
"It is a very beneficial book by Sheikh Abdul Muhsin al Abbad. It is entitled, "Effects Of Worship In The Life Of The Muslim." This class is usually done for those that have previously studied the Arabic Language up to an intermediate level."

The Strangers

Posted on18 Jun 2015
"In this short audio reminder we discuss the issue of "The Strangers". We will see who are they and how can we be from them."

Allah’s Many Favors

Posted on04 Jun 2015
"This is an issue that is of utmost importance. It is not a topic that you want to breeze over. We need to make sure that we are properly thanking Allah for all he does for us, so that we are not from those that deny Allah's favors, even if it is out of negligence."
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