May 2015

Islam and Our Lives

Posted on28 May 2015
"In today's short audio reminder, we discuss the issue of Islam and how it encompasses everything in out lives. Many of us have a very limited understanding of what Islam consists of in terms of what exactly is referred to when mentioning the term Islam."

Should ‘Hope Or Fear’ Be More Important To You?

Posted on21 May 2015
"These are the issues of both 'hope' and 'fear'. The people of the Sunnah are very different from various sects that are being introduced to the people in our times. Especially in this particular issue. It is imperative that we all be upon clarity in this issue..."

Nur al Bayyan

Posted on19 May 2015
"The results that the students usually see in a very short time period are amazing. This is one of the reasons why we start most of our students off with this book."

The Rights Of The Streets

Posted on14 May 2015
"Unfortunately, it has become from the norm that many of the Muslims (especially the youth) hang out in the streets with their friends. As you will see, this is something that the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) warned his companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) about doing."

Al Ajroomiyyah

Posted on11 May 2015
"This is the small book that the beginning student of knowledge uses to start off his study of the Arabic Language. It will be difficult to find someone that has traveled this path before you that has not studied this book, let alone heard of it and the various benefits it contains."

Al Bayqooniyyah – (Hadeeth Terminologies)

Posted on11 May 2015
"It is a book that many of the Students of Knowledge start with, when learning this science. As many before you, we are sure that you will gain an enormous amount of benefit from all of the knowledge it contains."

The Obligation Of Following The Sunnah

Posted on07 May 2015
"Many of us look at the Sunnah as though it is something that we do when we want to, and leave off when we feel as though there is no time for it. This is a dangerous way to think. This audio is important that we not only listen to it for ourselves..."

An Nahw Ul Waadih

Posted on04 May 2015
"An Nahw Ul Waadih is a set of books that are known world wide. It is an excellent program for those trying to learn much of what there is in terms of Arabic grammar. It does concentrate on Arabic grammar, but it definitely does not limit itself to only this science."
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