April 2015

Types Of Dependence

Posted on30 Apr 2015
"The problem with this though, is the fact that our not seeing and recognizing Allah as the point of origin of all of our blessings, it is hard to truly be thankful to him for what He has given us and saved us from."

Why All This Talk About Obedience?

Posted on23 Apr 2015
"Many times, we find that people pick and choose when and about which things they wish to obey Allah and His Messenger. This is a very dangerous habit that many have developed."

Why Should I Stick To The Sunnah?

Posted on16 Apr 2015
"Many times we see the sticking to the Sunnah as something that ever Muslim must do whether or not they want to adhere to it or not. This is not a correct way to think."

What Do I Know About Allah?

Posted on09 Apr 2015
"All of these things should cause us to be grateful to Allah and increase in our worship. Seeing and understanding these things should cause us to realize that only the one who does these things which nothing else can do, has the right to be worshiped."
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